I am not sure how well this would work but I am experimenting with using my ipod touch as an ip camera.

When I connect to my ipod touch with a web browser I can see the images (with the web server on the ipod )using the app wifi camera.

But if I use that same ip address ( under select source in Kinovea I just get a black screen.

I am using version 0.8.14


Interesting experiment smile
(Disclaimer, the following is just guess, as I don't have an iPod and I haven't checked how its web server or camera works…)

First of all, I think you need to look for the actual stream (video or constantly overwriting image) address, not the web server's.
When your browser connects to the web server it is probably processing a web page embedding the stream, but if you want it to work in Kinovea you want the raw stream address directly.
(The URL should end with a script's name + parameters, or directly the stream file. With just the server's address, it means we are defaulting to something like index.html which would then contain the actual call to the script or file. Kinovea cannot parse the HTML to extract the camera URL).

Secondly, the stream must be MJPEG or JPEG, as they are the only IP camera streams supported in Kinovea. If it's H.264 or something else, it will not work. (If WebcamXP support the format you might use it as a "man in the middle" : you connect it to the stream, and then connect Kinovea to it).

Let us know about what you find !


Just an idea...

You can sometimes locate the actual stream address (if it is a mjpeg compression) from your computer browser.

Go to your address (i.e. and right click on the video image. Select copy image URL - or something similar to get the stream address. Paste the address in a new window/tab and see if your IP camera stream is there.

If successful, you should only see your video stream on the top left hand corner and nothing else. If it works, you should be able to view it in Kinovea through the same address.

Note: this will not work with H.264 compression as mentioned by Joan above.

If all else fails, you could download an IP camera directshow filter that would allow some more  options to try.

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Cutting and pasting the link found in the browser image worked but it wasn't really a stream.  It produced a webcam type image.  Very jerky and unusable.

This is definitely generating a JPEG stream.

I tried the man in the middle approach and I can see image in WebcamXP but the images are still jerky.

I'm thinking the webcam app isn't sending the data fast enough to make this work satisfactorily.