is kinovea compatible with gige vision? can i use such a cam with this standard to live capture (highspeed)?

thanx a lot



Short answer: no, and unfortunately not likely to be in the near future.

Long answer:
Relevant bits from the Wikipedia (I also had read about it a while ago)

GigE Vision is an interface standard introduced in 2006 for high-performance industrial cameras.
The GigE Vision standard is - by a few definitions (for example, the ITU-T) - an open standard. However, it is available only by signing a non-disclosure agreement, so it is considered by many European countries to be a closed standard.
It is available under license to any organization for a nominal fee.
One consequence of the license is that it is not possible to write open source software using the GigE Vision specification, as it could reveal the details of the standard, which is why most image acquisition SDKs for GigE Vision are closed source.
There is currently at least two different free software projects trying to implement the GigE Vision protocol by reverse engineering.

Will have to see the state of advancement of the reverse engineering projects.