Is it possible to create slowmotion video from regular video.
There are some software programs that can double the video frames, from 25 to 50.
It creates a smooth slowmotion playback.

Is it possible to have this option available in kinovea?

Thank you


Maybe my question is not so clear.

I like to know how to export/ produce smooth slowmotion video from kinovea.
Something like this software: SlowMotion ( http://www.goodervideo.com/products/SM.html )

Thank you for answering.



are you filming at 25fps? If so you may struggle I find kinovea can give smooth slow motion playing back at 15fps but we are recording at 120fps 15fps is about as slow as you want to go for the human eye. The linked to video creates info between frames so what do you want to see? what was captured or what the computer thought happened?


@edwin, It seems you are referring to two different concepts.
Going from 25 to 50 fps is generally done in the context of deinterlacing. Many videos are actually 50 fields per second, a field being a half image with only the odd or the even lines. There are several ways to rebuild a full image from the two fields. Kinovea use a somewhat basic technique that for this example would yield 25 full frames per second. Some other software may use reconstruction algorithms that gives 50 full frames. This can be advertised as slow motion, but it can only works on video that are interlaced to begin with and only to x2.

The link you gave, is a much much more advanced technology. As far as I know, only two products can do that, both commercial: MotionPerfect from GooderVideo/DynaPel and Re:Vision Twixtor family of plugins (for Premiere, After Effects and the like).

The alternative is to use a camera capable of high speed shooting. For very fast motion you'll want as many frames in the source as possible. As HDAV points, frames reconstructed by algorithms will never be as good as frames actually captured by the device.
For fast motion, if you can control the capture process I would definitely consider a camera capable of shooting at +100fps (Don't need 1 trillion fps smile). Software reconstruction would only be interesting for video got from external sources.


Thank you for all the info.

I had some AVI video 25fps of technique recordings, and i was looking to get a better and smoother playback in the analysis mode.
Sometimes it maybe better to make new recordings.

I have several camera's, and i prefer to record direct into kinovea, with a canon hv20.
For high speed recording i use the "smooth record mode"from my Sony XR155E. (3 seconds recording becomes 12 seconds of movie) this works very well.

Thanks again for the onformation.



On Hacker News was an nice article about an open source library (Linux/Nvidia only). Very nice! But I haven't tried it yet.

Joan is right: every recorded frame is better then a calculated frame.

The AVCHD-camcorder HDR-XR 550 VE (Sony) can record 3 seconds videos at 200 fps in 1080i. The quality is impressive and it has a timeshift function for recording the 3 seconds before you push the record button.


Thank you for the information.
Unfortunately the software is working on Linux and not for windows yet.
But very impressive.

The smooth record mode from sony is working for me at this moment.