We are an independent animation studio and have been spending a bit of time playing with Kinovea. Its a really great tool for analysing and commenting on the animated clips that our team produce.

I went through the forums and I see that there have been several requests for ability to play back audio. I realise that this may not be the primary purpose of Kinovea, but I would like to add my request for that functionality too! Im sure you've had similar requests from other animators.

Do you have any idea what kind of timeframe you are looking at for getting to that particular request?
Are you aware of anyone who independently developing this feature from the source code at all? Is it a significantly complex job to enable audio playback?

This is such a potentially useful program that I would really like to find a way to get audio playback enabled. We would probably be willing to explore ways to pay for development of an extra feature like this.

Mike Buckland
Triggerfish Animation


Im just bumping this topic. Is no-one interested in this except me?


WE too would be interested as it would allow a "voice over" of instructions from teacher to student. We may also be willing to help fund this development


I totally second that request! Kinovea is a pure gold for my workflow in animation and this addon would be a brilliant!! And an pen eraser would also be a nice treat, but I don´t want to push it for this free application! big_smile