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no I dont work for below  folks in any way.  Just found them searching for ideas with my cam.   They have lenses and focusing kits etc.  Even a camera case for better application flexibility. Good prices too.

http://peauproductions.com/store/index. … ucts_id=85

Now that being said......... before I found those guys....... here is my personal modifications...; hmmmm ok.... too bad. It appears there is no uploading pics to here. So this probably wont make since with out pics but....here goes.

Note: This is for a convertible lap top.  AKA the laptop has a screen that rotates and folds flat across the keyboard creating  a Touch pad. This is an old version so it is NOT finger touch but with a special Stylus pen.  ( HP2710P laptop) It did NOT have a camera at all.  I use this unit in the tablet mode and thus needed a rear facing camera.

. Disassembled PS camera case. It has several real screws. Just unscrew and carefully it can be pried apart. BE CAREFUL
  - disassembly video [video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jJfuP7YgPA[/video] Some is irrelevant to our purposes
. bastardized the case cutting it up some including removing the base
. Put bastardized camera and case back together.

. Disassembled a cheap laptop cooling pad. HINT Your laptop last years longer if you always use a cooling pad
. Cut a hole in back of pad for the camera's USB cable
. put USB cable thru the hole
. hot glued camera to back of this laptop cooler pad atop the cable hole cut in above step. This creates a rear facing camera
. hot glued a 4 port USB hub into the inside of the cooler case as well
. cut an opening in cooling case for access to two of the four ports in the hub. The remaining two used by camera and power
  supply for fans in the cooler as described below.
. plugged camera into one of the ports of this 4 port hub. Hot glued the USB cord out of the way inside the cooler's case
. removed the female cooling pad power usb port from the edge of the cooling case and put it inside the cooler as well.
   Left  the cable attached to it and also tucked it all inside. Extra cable held out of the way with duct tape s I had done to it
   previously. Could have hot glued it too.
. plugged this USB power cord moved above to the 4 port hub as well
. the USB 4 port unit's cord now extends out where the cooling pads USB power's female jack use to reside.
. reassembled the cooling pad.
. Industrial Velcro attaches the modified cooling pad to the back of laptop.  Plug the 4port hub single usb cord to the laptop
. Made from a scrap piece of carpeted Gymnastic Ethafoam; a large 2" thick pad with holes in it for camera. Also put in it
   channels for cooling pad's fans to get air  .
. Velcro this too back of cooling pad w/attached camera so whole laptop and cooler can sit on a flat surface. Has to be done
   because PS camera is now in the way.  I knew I had access to this foam.  Without this I probably would have cut and glued
   the camera inside the cooling pad case in a different manner.  May still do so after looking at videos on above web site.

If anyone uses a pic hosting site that will stay around long enough to archive these pics for any fool that wants to copy what I did tongue ....... let me know if your willing to host these pics.  I don't have one.  Use to but they close them, and or shift things around which changes the URL etc. thus they often end up in the long run to be horrible for archiving pics on forums like this. For a short while they are fine.