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I am recording with a GoPro HERO3. Files are, I think, regular MP4 format. The problem I am facing is the video seems like flickering, it is dropping frames and do not play smoothly in Kinovea. I am recording at:

Resolution: 1080
FPS: 30
FOV: Wide (other settings, Medium and Narrow)

I know it is weird, but my workaround has been to upload the video (MP4) to YouTube, which compresses the video very well, and then download (MP4) and process the video in Kinovea with no issues at all.

Can anyone tell me the best settings for Kinovea-GoPro so that I do not have to convert the file?


I use 1080@60 wide videos from any GoPro 3 black ed. on kinovea (virtualized on a macbookair). The files play well even if there ae some reduction in playing speed, not so important in image by image analysis.