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Hi, I am new an don`t know, how do search in this forum. So I post my question:
I have a Tablet Dell Venue 8 Pro 5830 (WIn 8.1) with a frontcamera MT9M1144.
In Kinovea a see not the full page of the picture, the camera shows. Only a image section.
Who can help me th solve this problem?


Try to double tap the image to make it fit the screen.


Thanks, but this is not a solution. I only see a small part of the picture, which I see, if I use the camera mode.


What version of Kinovea are you using? In recent versions you should be able to tap and drag the picture around and double tap to cycle between fitting the screen and 1x zoom.

Does the picture fill the capture screen but is so large that you cannot see the sides? Or is it that the picture is displayed inside a small rectangle within the capture screen?

On the desktop CTRL+Mouse wheel is bound to zooming. I don't know if the pinch gesture is emulating this or sending its own commands.

I cannot test for touch screens at the moment, I'll see if I can find an emulator somehow.


I am using the actual version (the normal, not experimental).
The picture fills the capture screen but is so large that I cannot see the sides. I don´t want to zoom. I need a
picture of me in total, because I will use to control my style in archery (please excuse my "spezial" english, I am writing from Germany)


It seems the issue may come from the tablet (camera drivers probably).

I found this topic "Dell Venue 8 Pro Camera Resolution changes during video chat" on the Dell forums which despite the title seems to describe your issue.

Dell Venue 8 Pro: Front camera using Skype or Google Hangouts is super zoomed in

The issue apparently is with desktop apps, not Metro apps. Other posts report color mangling with Google Hangouts.
By the way, do you reproduce the issue with the back camera ?


thank you very much for the support. I cann´t use the back camera, so I look to solve the problem otherwise. Thank you for help.