The hardest part of making sure Kinovea works well with all kinds of cameras is to get the actual hardware for testing and debugging.

Although donations and my personal investments cover the cost for hosting and bandwidth of the website, getting cameras to test the software with is still an issue. There are many cameras on the market and I cannot justify to buy them just to make Kinovea work with a particular product.

And this is where you may enter the picture :-)
With hardware donations you help Kinovea support more cameras and help it become a better solution for you and for everyone else; in the spirit of open source.

This program is mostly oriented towards improving the capture module because this is where being a spare-time project makes things difficult.

You can order hardware through the Amazon Wish List or send it yourself directly using the project postal address listed below.
In any case please do look at the Amazon wish list to get an idea of what is currently needed.

Amazon Wish List
The wish list contains items that I think would be most interesting to get in order to make progress. There is a small comment on the right of the item to explain why it would be useful and the type of work that will be done with the donated device.

Direct shipping
You can also directly send your hardware to Kinovea postal address. Do not send hardware expecting a return shipment later unless we have formally agreed to such.

14 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau
App 723
33400 Talence

Camera manufacturers
If you are a camera manufacturer and your cameras have an SDK, donating a device is a great way to promote your brand and models. Kinovea has been downloaded more than 100 000 times and is a software of choice in many sport science universities.
Get in touch: asso@kinovea.org

Recently donated
One Logitech C920 HD – October 2014.
I bought the 70€ camera with a year’s worth of donations so I consider this the first donated hardware.
It has boosted the development of a better model for the Capture module and helps testing HD streaming and recording of USB 2.0 cameras.


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