I am trying to stream HD video from my Canon Hv40 into Kinovea via Firewire. Currently I can only stream DV, and when I change the output to HDV kinovea doesn't show the live steam -only a grey screen.....

Any ideas? I'm using windows 8 if that makes any difference?

I can stream HDV into different applications on my PC, just not kinovea!




I have the same problem. I can stream only DV format, but not HDV with Canon HV30.
Maybe someone know how to solve this problem?


Unfortunately I never had the chance to play with an HDV camera, so I never tested this first hand. I read here and there that grabbing the HDV stream in DirectShow is more involved than for DV, so I'm not convinced it ever worked.
If anyone has a working setup streaming HDV through Firewire in Kinovea please report.


I'm guessing that this issue never got resolved - as my Canon HV30 has the same issue. 

While Kinovea appears to support streaming HDV - its unclear if anyone has gotten this feature to work.  I posted a new topic looking for feedback from anyone who knows of an HDV camcorder that works with Kinovea.

How do we get this issue addressed and resolved.  Love Kinovea and like the HV30 - just need them to play well together smile


rcfan2 wrote:

I'm guessing that this issue never got resolved - as my Canon HV30 has the same issue.

Unfortunately I never got the chance to try and test an HDV camcorder first hand and see what the problem was. Now it seems all manufacturers have stopped producing them years ago, Firewire is no longer supported on new computers, etc…


Joan - I appreciate the reply to my post.

Understanding that HDV camcorders are no longer "state of the art" and are no longer being produced, they are still relatively common.  Even more important - they are inexpensive - making them ideal for field use by coaches such as myself. 

The ability to stream live HD video - via Firewire - to laptop in the field helps coaches provide real-time feedback to athletes and allows immediate analysis for both the coach and athlete.

As HDV camcorders continues to be listed as a supported - and it seems there is still demand to use Kinovea with the devices - it would be terrific if someone could spend the time required to identify and resolve the issues that are preventing Kinovea users, like those who've posted on this forum, to use their HDV camcorders with Kinovea.

I would be willing to share my Canon HV30 (I'll even pay shipping) to allow someone to test and resolve this issue.


Ok, in order to understand the origin of the issue, please test with SnapshotMaker from AForge.NET sample applications (third one).
- Can you enumerate the video resolutions?
- Can you connect the camera?


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While Snapshot Maker recognizes the Camera as "Canon VIXIA HV30" - both "Video Resolution" and "Snap Shot Resolution" show "Not Supported" while the camera is in the HDV mode. The camera will not connect.  The screen remains grey.

When I switched the camera to DV mode - Snapshot Maker connects - and shows both 720x480 & 720x576.


I did some searching for other applications that might be able to record live HDV streaming - and found this:  http://www.videohelp.com/tools/HDVSplit

HDVSplit recognized the camera in HDV mode - and I was able to capture the video & audio stream via Firewire.  This gives me some confidence that it can be done smile


Hum… More digging landed on this topic where it is said that the HDV source describes itself with VideoInfoHeader2 which is not supported by SampleGrabber, the piece of DirectShow used to collect the stream images directly and make them available to the application. They tried with files from the camera so it may not be the same for the source itself.

To at least confirm what is said in the forum post, please download Graph Studio Next, it is a lower level DirectShow application that may be used to diagnose these issues (Graph Edit Plus or graphedt should work as well).

Go to "Graph > Insert Video Source" and click on the camcorder. If it doesn't appear here, go to "Graph > Insert Filter" and look for it there.
Once added, right click on the little "Capture" pin and then "Properties…". In the "Capture" tab you will see the raw description of the media types exposed by the source.
Each media type should have either a VideoInfoHeader or a VideoInfoHeader2, and then a BitmapInfoHeader beneath it.

1. Do all the media types really only use VideoInfoHeader2 ?
2. If you right-click the capture pin and do "Render Pin", then start Play, do you get the video ?


Just FYI...the test video I captured using HDVSplit was 1280x720 - 25000kbps - 30 frames/second...

I've downloaded Graph Studio Next..

Was able to select Canon VIXIA HV30 (MPEG2TS in MPEG2TS Out) using "Graph > Insert Video Source).

I guess I'm unclear on how to use this application and where the "little.."Capture" pin is.  I've right clicked on various areas and on various "properties - but can't find one that has a "Capture" tab - to find the raw description of media types.

When I render the pin - it creates a "MPEG-2 Demultiplexer" box.  Play does nothing.

Things look quite different when I repeated the process - but with the camera in standard DV mode.  More boxes - and play popped up a new window - but it was blacked out.

I have no problem letting you take a peak at this remotely with Teamviewer, etc. to see if you're more successful navigating this app smile


You should have something roughly like this :


The right click must be done on the tiny square to the right of "Capture", but I guess you already found that if you rendered the pin.

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- HDV Mode

- DV Mode

Again - no "Capture" - so I must be doing something wrong smile