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We are excited to release Kinovea 0.8.15, the new version of your open source video analysis toolkit ! smile

Now in 16 languages, with several new features, usability and functional improvements, as well as bug fixes.

The installer is available here: Kinovea.Setup.0.8.15.exe

New features (over 0.8.7) include:
- The Capture screen : directly stream live action from your camcorder into Kinovea; record images and videos; or delay the live stream for self coaching.
- Observational references : overlay complex drawings or images as motion guides on top of the video.
- Dual Export: save composite output from your comparison analysis.

See also:
- A more complete list of changes (What's new in Kinovea 0.8.15)
- The Online Manual (Also in Italian, French).
- The Feature list (PDF) (Also in Italian, French).

With the introduction of live capture this version is an important milestone for the project, and another leap forward.
As always, early adopters feedback has been crucial to drive the developement: Thanks !

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Brilliant Joan,

I have been playing around with version 8.15 this afternoon and it looks fairly stable (only managed to crash it a couple of times).

Capture screens are great,especially with the delay feature.  My only problem is that I cannot get the camera definition I would like with two capture screens open.  Kinovea runs out of memory, but at least the limit now stops the program crashing. 

Wonderful bit of software but any chance of a 64 bit version sometime to get around the memory limit?

A bit more screen room for the capture screens and a little less taken by the controls would also be on my wish list, but overall I think 8.15 is great.

thanks again


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also from my side briliant!!

The only problem i have is that te delay of the live stream is not long enough.
i would like to get the swimmers out of the water to look at te screen and see them self.
but for that i need some more delay.
maybe posible? i was looking if i can change the code my slef to do that but it's harder than i thought!
(i work normaly on Distributed Control Systems)

kind regards,


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If you need an spanish traslator???

I not traslator, I,m a rugby coach, but with a little work I can traslate to spanish.

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If you need an spanish traslator???

I´m not traslator, I,m a rugby coach, but with a little work I can traslate to spanish.

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Hi !
Thanks for the proposition.
The interface is 100% covered for Spanish, but if you are motivated I can create a namespace for Spanish translation of the help manual.
It is not a small task but it's possible to do progressively.

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outstanding tool for my track and field coaching. i also do the video for the US Men's & Women's track and field teams. I will be in Daegu, South Korea for the World Championships and look forward to using Kinovea with our video capture and analysis.
Thanks-this is a fantastic program.

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I'm new here and very excited about learning to use the Kinovea 8.15 software!
I do have a question already. I have a Panasonic TM700 camcorder and prefer to record using 1080P60 format AVCHD, which even the lower resolution are m2ts files.

Would it be better to convert to a different type file, or should I be ok? I already notice that it only plays slowly, but that was to be expected after reading that is normal for AVCHD formats.

Also, is the expermental 8.17 version better for AVCHD, and is this tested enough that a newbie could use it?

Thank you so much for such a great tool!

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I have previously used Kinovea 8.15 with a laptop that I have now had to replace with a new Lenovo G50-80.

As far as I can see, this Lenovo has the correct requirements with: i7-5500U 2.4G CPU, 8G RAM, uses Windows 8.1 and had .NET 4.5.1 installed.

However, when playing videos for analysis, the video speed is very slow and 'jerky'

Any suggestions please?

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The first suggestion is to try with the version 0.8.24. It is marked "experimental" because there are some aspects that I feel are not polished enough to reach what I consider proper release, like an updated user manual and full translations. However in terms of features it is much more advanced than 0.8.15. I believe it is also more stable, (if only for the crash recovery mechanism).

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Brilliant - that works well now. Thank you