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for professional motion analysis, it would be great if uEye cameras, espescially those with USB3 interface, would be supported by Kinovea. But it seems they are not.
uEye cameras come with their own config settings software called "uEye Cockpit", where you can adjust everything technical possible to suit your needs. You then save the settings in a config file which is plain text.
It would be great if Kinovea would be able to use this config file to communicate with the uEye cameras correctly as it is intended by the user. Unfortunately it seemed to me Kinovea is in its current version as well as experimental version not able to do that.
Could that feature please be implemented to allow Kinovea to be used in more professional motion analysis situations, not just as playback software but also to capture video sequences?



There is usually two ways to connect to industrial cameras, through a generic DirectShow filter or through special code based on an SDK provided by the vendor.

The DirectShow interface is simple and doesn't have all the options that the camera exposes and usually doesn't provide the same performance either. The SDK is the proper way to go but requires special code and most importantly an actual camera for testing.

Unfortunately currently Kinovea only supports IDS cameras through the DirectShow filter.