Dear friends:

im looking for to buy 2 cameras from Alipu

es.aliexpress.com/store/product/1080p-f … 43695.html

Can i control and record 120 fps directly from kinovea?


Yes they are UVC compliant and you can configure and drive them in Kinovea.

Note that there are a lot of models from this vendor, with a few baseline hardware and a lot of variations on top of them for lenses.
For the high framerate you'll be looking at the ones based on OV2710 sensor (ELP-USBFHD01M).

I wrote a review of this model on my personal blog here.

In my experiments it doesn't do 120fps but 100fps, and only at lower resolution (640x480). 1280×720 @ 60 fps is nice though but there are other shortcomings.


Hello Joan, Nice to read you!

I have seen those one: they have a manual autofocus from 2,8mm to 12 mm.

http://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/ … 43695.html

I want them for gait analysis in my clinic. Do you think for slowmotion in kinovea (when is need it) it is ok at 480? We have good lights.

My idea is to  put two of them to one pc and kinovea in full-screen mode with the two cameras... Do you think they can make me the work? I want to see people walking and running...

Thanks a lot for help


I can't really comment on whether 480p is enough for your application. Try to find someone with a cheap webcam and see for yourself if it's acceptable.

Regarding gait analysis, one aspect to keep in mind is the USB bandwidth. I have seen at a podiatrics setup a lot of USB peripherals (gait platform, other specific devices, etc.) and it can create issues for the cameras if you want to have two of them streaming at the same time in addition to all the other devices.


Dear Joan,

Thanks a lot for you help... I have solve some time ago the problem of bandwidth. I have attached to my PC 2 USB 2.0 PCIex card. One for cams and the other for specific devices. Also the webcams are connected to the PCIex card with a active and shielded USB cable to secure the entire signal (the usb cables work really good and can connect a usb device up to 25m).

I'm very confused with this cameras... i like the varifocal, the price, but i don't know if they will be enought...

If i buy them, i will put a review smile

Thanks a lot