Undoubtedly, I am missing something here but as I've tried for a hew hours AND read thru the forums on network camera set up without having any luck, it's time to throw in the towel and ask for help! :-) I am trying to use the wireless smart camera from my drone in the software and am getting nowhere. Any one else doing this?


As far as I can see the camera streams H.264 which is not supported as an IP camera stream in Kinovea. Only MJPEG streams are supported.


Thank you, Joan!

So I guess we can assume that Kinovea will only "see" those which stream MJPEG?


By default it will only "see" (as in create a thumbnail for) the cameras that are connected directly to the computer.

For network cameras you have to use the "Manual connection" button under the camera list and configure the camera IP and access URL there.


I got a question too, i try to connect to a wansview ncm610 ip camera, this cam is using user an password, that is the only way to connect to, how can i connect with kinovea the cam,
thx. for suggestions.


When you click the "Manual connection" button the dialog window has fields for user and password.

In the end these get added to the URL like this: http://<user>:<password>@<ipaddress>:<port>/<resourcelocation>


thx, i try it.