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After going thru the Forums it would seam as though this is being done.  I have installed IP Webcam on my 'droid but I can't get this to work. Is Bluetooth a requirement for the PC where I am running Kinovea?

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No, Bluetooth is not involved. Wi-Fi should be turned on on both though.

Use the "Manual connection" button under the camera list and configure from there. The URL information should be found in the mobile app settings or documentation.

A web browser should also be able to connect to the stream, so you might want to test there to pinpoint the origin of the problem.

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Thanks, Joan. I did manage to get the view from Google Chrome but I am getting "an error occurred during connection test: ".

Any thoughts? (I am using IP Webcam app).

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In Kinovea you should use the direct URL to the MJPEG stream, something like for IP Webcam app.

There seems to be an issue with the display though, I also can't get a stable stream. Something must be broken…

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I have sent you an email with a link to a video of this along with the Log file created in the hope that it might be of assistance.

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Hey Joan, just got around to testing. SUCCESS!!!  :-)

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Super. Thanks for the follow-up.
For the record we continued the discussion off-line and I sent coachmattb a preversion of 0.8.25 with a bug-fix for testing purposes.

For others with this issue (any network camera should have the issue really), a workaround in 0.8.24 should be possible, by going to the global capture preferences in Options > Preferences > Capture, and in "Display synchronization strategy", select "Camera frame signal" instead of "Forced framerate".

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Hi there,
sorry for reviving the topic, but I am up to try the same setup which won't work.
I use the IP cam app for Android on my phone & have a clean stream in the browser, but Kinovea is always returning the error during connection test.
I followed joan's hint & set the display sync strategy to camera frame rate, and tried to stream in mp4, mkv & H264 formats...
I was wondering whether the "" extension at the end is appropriate?
Is there anyone using a similar approach & can give a short HowTo here?
Thanks a lot in advance!
Best to all,

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I just tried it for testing and it worked. (Using 0.8.26).

The app I used is "IP Webcam" from Pavel Khlebovich: … p;hl=en_US

When starting the server on the smartphone, it gives the IP address of the stream in the lower part. It is the IP of the phone with the port configured (8080 by default). When connecting to this address in a browser, the phone serves a web page. I clicked Video renderer > Browser button on that web page and got the live stream inside the page.

Then I did right click on that live stream image and "Copy link location", to get the URL of the actual stream, it was indeed http://<ip>:8080/video.

Copying this address in the configuration dialog in Kinovea made it work. I left the stream format to MJPEG in Kinovea and didn't change any defaults in IP Webcam. I did not choose the MKV option in IP Webcam.

Kinovea still has to be set to Capture > General > Display synchronization > "Camera frame". Not "Forced framerate". I haven't investigated further on this point at the moment.

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Hi joan,
first of all, thanks a lot for your quick reply!
I have to apologize for not being precise in my post above.

"IP Webcam" - check
Kinovea 0.8.26 x64 - check

Now the settings I used today:
IP Webcam video settings - left untouched, .mkv format is pre-defined.
Kinovea settings - Capture > General > Display synchronization > "Camera frame" AND Capture > General > Video format: MKV (not sure wether it was pre-defined here).

Used WiFi hotspot on the phone, connected the PC to it.

Followed the same steps you described in your post - it worked fine for both now, browser & Kinovea.

The only difference to my previous trial is... I closed the browser window this time before opening stream in Kinovea.


Thanks a lot, once again!

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Interesting setup using the phone as WiFi hotspot. Although I imagine the combo hotspot + camera + streaming must drain the battery very quickly.