Topic: Circle: Finding the Center Coordinates


Is there a way to find the center coordinates of a drawn circle? I am looking to use Kinovea with my animal behavior research...


Re: Circle: Finding the Center Coordinates

Well, the circle tool is more designed as an annotation tool rather than a measurement tool. As such it's not exported in spreadsheet export. The center and radius are saved (in pixels) in the KVA file.

The marker tool is going to be the preferred option to export individual coordinates of things.

Re: Circle: Finding the Center Coordinates

Here's what I came up with as a workaround:

  • The region of interest in my videos is a circular arena 20cm in diameter.

  • I set the origin of the coordinate system in the lower left corner such that the red guides box in the arena.

  • To calibrate the space, I import a crosshair image for an accurate diameter measurement.

  • My center will always be (10cm,10cm) using this method.