Topic: dual recording for golf swing analysis

i'm using kinovea with audio zone trigger and and autoit script i wrote to automatically record the golf swing and play back in slow motion. it works great when in single camera mode. everything is smooth and stable and i can run it for days without having to restart kinovea. in dual camera mode, after about 30 minutes, the delay starts to get messed up so that the recording starts in the middle of the golf swing. the delay slider is still set at 3 seconds but it seems that kinovea starts to get laggy and the first symptom is the delay gets smaller. at this point i can increase the delay and it will work for a few more minutes until either the stop recording button won't click, or kinovea throws and error and has to quit. i upgraded my ram from 8gb to 16gb but it doesn't seem to help. any idea why this is happening?

dual camera golf swing recording with kinovea

also, if there was a way to run two instances of kinovea, that would be ideal for the dual camera setup. i currently use vlc for playback but kinovea works much better with the ability to draw lines. switching from dual recording to dual playback doesn't work for what i'm doing. if 8.15 could run in dual recording mode and the experimental version could run in dual playback, it would be ideal.

Re: dual recording for golf swing analysis

i had a thought about why kinovea seems to bog down. could it be that it has trouble after a certain number of thumbnails are created below the two capture screens? i've modified my autoit script to hide the thumbnails created after each capture. i'll try it out tonight and see if there is any improvement.

Re: dual recording for golf swing analysis

it appears that the thumbnails were the cause of the problem. i hit balls for over an hour with my modified script that removes the video thumbnails after each recording is created and kinovea was rock solid.

Re: dual recording for golf swing analysis

I added an option to allow multiple instances of Kinovea running at the same time. I'm not 100% sure of the implications of this regarding some file access, but we'll see how it pans out. It will be disabled by default.

The panel containing the capture thumbnails has been rewritten from scratch between 0.8.15 and 0.8.25 so it's possible the issue with dual recording slowing down is fixed already.

What were the other issues that prevented you from using 0.8.25? I remember the ability to record with delay was one and this should be addressed in the next version as well.