Topic: Capture card advice

Hi, i am building a new computer for Kinovea (gait analysis on a threadmill).
It will be build around a AMD Ryzen 2600X with 16GB of memory.

As a camera i plan on using a 1080p60 camcorder with HDMI out or a GoPro with the same 1080p60.
Any opions on choosing between the two?

To capture the video inside Kinovea i am looking into 3 cards:
1) Blackmagic Intensity Pro 4K (seems the most professional (nog gaming oriented) card of the three. But i read users which are dissatisfied by the huge filesizes it creates. But maybe this is not a problem as I think Kinovea can capture the live feed and compress it while saving.

2) Elgato HD60 Pro, PCIE capture card, 60MBPS, H264 encoded files.

3) Avermedia Live Gamer HD2, PCIE capture card, uncompressed video.

I seem to have a preference over PCIE cards as opposed to USB3 ones, don't know why though.

What would i like in the capture card? Set settings once, and after booting the computer and opening Kinovea no settings have to be readjusted. I now am working with a Logitech Brio, and that one switches to default after a reboot.
Ease and simplicity is of more importance than a little bit better image quality. As the improvement from 800x600 25 FPS to 1080p60 will already be good.

I hope someone has any thoughts on this.