Topic: Dual playback screen bug in ver. 0.8.27


I just discover a bug on dual screen mode when I tried to record both screens in one video.
In my case video went totally distorted and colours went B/W.
In ver 0.8.26 that feature works normally.

Has anyone else faced the same issue?

Re: Dual playback screen bug in ver. 0.8.27

Hmm, interesting. I'll try to reproduce.

This type of artifact is usually either because the pixel format is wrong or because the final image size is not aligned correctly to the requirement of the output format.

What's probably happening is the final image width is not a multiple of 4. What is the width of the output video at the moment? Could you try to resize the screens and see if you can find a way that it works, just to confirm this hypothesis.

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Re: Dual playback screen bug in ver. 0.8.27

I went back to 0.8.26 and dual screen record works as it should. Same files used.

Also file size are different. I used two 3,33 sec files, 0.8.26 file was 69Mb file but 0.8.27 was 95Mb.

Codec change?

Re: Dual playback screen bug in ver. 0.8.27

I can reproduce Amus's problem with 0.8.27 x64, same issues encountered when merging two videos in one.
Did not matter whether originals were .avi or .mp4, did not matter whether the files where sampled at the same or at different frame rates.

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