i recently got one of these cameras and it works great in kinovea except that instead of the advertised 120fps i get 99fps. kinovea reports the camera setting at 640x480 at 120fps but when step through the frames and count, it's always 99fps.

when i use the program that comes with the camera called amcap, i get 120fps. if i open the file created by amcap in kinovea, i count 120 frames per second. is there something that can be done to allow this camera to capture at 120fps in kinovea?


In my experience the camera actually delivers 100fps when set to 120fps. That's the rate at which Kinovea receives the frames anyway.

I'll have to check but I think it's possible amcap is assuming the camera is faithful and writes the requested option in the file descriptor even if it's inaccurate.

Can you film a stopwatch with amcap and verify that the video time keeping is correct compared to the physical stopwatch?


hi joan, i believe you are correct. after posting, i noticed there is a frame counter as well as a timer at the bottom of amcap and it appears that it is actually recording at 100fps. i figured since i clicked 120 times vs 100 for 1 second in kinovea that the files were different. so this is basically false advertising on the camera manfacturer's part.

on golfsimulatorforum.com where we are using kinovea for golf swing analysis, faultyclubs who also posts here, linked this camera: http://www.kayetoncctv.com/product/5mp- … -0-camera/ do you have any experience with this camera? it is designed to work with windows so would that mean it should work with kinovea?


I don't have any experience with this camera. The global shutter + 1224x1024 @ 145 fps definitely sounds interesting on paper if it delivers. They mention "DirectShow" compatibility so yes, it should work with Kinovea.

I didn't know about this vendor, they have several other interesting listings. It's always hard to know if they are the actual manufacturer or just rebranding. They seem to be present on the usual Shenzhen online markets like Aliexpress to get an idea of princing, but this specific model is not listed yet.

I think these guys have the same unit under a different brand. Too bad none of them list the actual imaging sensor, we could have reviewed the claims.

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I can only get  25 FPS with this camera in any resolution. It says 120 FPS but is receiving only 25 FPS. The ps3 is getting 75 FPS.


johns wrote:

I can only get  25 FPS with this camera in any resolution. It says 120 FPS but is receiving only 25 FPS. The ps3 is getting 75 FPS.

How did you test it? Did you test it with other programs such as OBS?


I got it working. Had to adjust exposure.