I bought this webcam in order to show the video analysis of the walk with kinovea.

The trouble is that the picture is very jerky when I'm in 1080p 30fps, a little less in 720, 30fps.
What is most amazing is that it works very well with the integrated webcam of my laptop ...

Maybe a setting to make?

Helpful Info: the version is well to days (well, that's what I mean when I click on the search for maj)
I am on WIn10 with a good PC
it does not change anything that I'm connected to USB 2.0 or 3.0
I tried to change the capture format (AVI, MKV, MP4) nothing changes.

thank you in advance

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Can you send a screenshot of your settings? Also, which version of Kinovea are you using? The C920 supports I420 (YUV),H264 and MJPEG. Being a USB2.0 camera, it can only do 1080p@30 with H264 or MJPEG. I have one myself, and have notice that the display framerate does not seem to match the recording framerate; e.g. when doing a recording with OBS or Kinovea, the result seems to be the same quality and smoothness wise, while the display or preview of the feed only seems smooth in OBS, but not in Kinovea. This goes, even if the display framerate is set to 30 or 60.

Also, I recommend trying out either LWS 2.51 (Win7) or LWS 2.80 (Win10) drivers for the Logitech C920. You can find the files from here: https://support.logitech.com/en_us/arti … 0069usaAAA