Hello guys,

I hope you can help me with my problem. I have an iMac setup with Windows installed through Bootcamp. On this iMac, Kinovea works great in cooperation with a PS Eye 3 camera. Since the iMac is becoming rather slow, I installed Kinovea on my new Macbook Pro. I installed the PS Eye drivers and managed to get videostream in the CL-Eye Test Window that comes with the drivers. However, when I open Kinovea, the program can't find the PS Eye and only wants to record throught the build in iSight webcam (which, for the record, doesn't display image also, but that's a big deal).

Do you guys have any idea how I can solve my problem?

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You need to use a win32 version of Kinovea for the PS Eye driver to work as it is itself win32 only. Maybe that's your issue? If you are using a recent beta version make sure you use the win32 variant.


Hello Joan,

Thank you for your quick reply, installing the win32 variant did solve the problem!!

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I know it's not directly Kinovea related, but is that camera appropriate for traveling? I know out of personal experience that the MacBook Pro isn't the most resilient laptop out there and that you must take care of it when going abroad, but what about the camera? Because I'll soon be in Spain to check out these villas for sale in Alicante for my job, but our business partner there is a friend of mine who, in his free time, is the manager of a local football team. Because of that, I wanted to show him Kinovea, but for that, I'd need a travel-proof camera, and I'm on the market for one.