Hi Joan,
as I mention in another post, when starting Kinovea  Version 0.8.27 64-bit THE FIRST TIME after startup of the computer, it needs a very long period (> 10 sec) until it gets ready to work. If I close it and restart, it is much faster (1-2 sec.).

The corresponding log files (-long: first start, -short: second start) can be found at
https://hente-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/p … w?e=LEvHKx

Do you have any idea of what is going wrong with my computer?
System: Win 10 64bit, i5-9600,SSD,2 USB-Cameras, USB-C on board, 1 additional USB3.0 Controller with separate chipsets (360MB/s).



Thanks for the log. Wow, 30 second cold start... That is horrendous indeed.

The reason hot start is faster is because all the DLLs and the .NET framework itself are already loaded in memory. I can see in the log that for each group of DLL loaded (the core application, the video modules, the camera modules, etc.) there is a big jump each time.

Now as far as I'm aware there could be two reasons as to why loading the assemblies the first time around is so slow.

1. The machine could still be loading other applications in the background at that point. This should be easy enough to test by waiting longer before attempting to start Kinovea, but frankly, I don't think this would cause multi-second loading times per DLL.

2. A resident antivirus is deeply scanning each DLL prior to letting them load to memory. That would be my best guess.
Do you happen to have McAfee or something of the sort installed?


Hi Joan,
Thanks for your comments. I could detect some problems with the WiFi. There were different drivers installed during WIN Update that I could remove.

Finally, I deactivated Windows Virus Scans.

Kinovea now starts faster. I saved 3 log-files that are called
log - changedXX.txt
The explanation of what has been done before each new startup is written in log - changed-info.txt

I would be happy if you could check them. I do not really understand the first item that represents the timing in each log-line and how to interpret them.

Here is the link of the new (and old) log-files
https://hente-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/p … g?e=smdaLv

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The first number on each log line is the total milliseconds since application startup.
The interface will be visible and fully responsive when you get to about this line:

797 - DEBUG - [Main] - FileBrowserUserInterface - Application is idle in FileBrowserUserInterface.

(So in this case a hot start, 0.797 seconds).

I made a change a few days ago that I think could help with this. I'll send you a message.

As an example, on my machine it takes ~2200 ms to get to this line on a cold start.