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Topic: Overlay

I would like to use Kinovea for two purposes:

- VIEW movements with a 13 second delay WITH a grid overlay on the screen.
- RECORD the same movements WITH the grid used above (not put it on after the video is shot)

Can this be done?  Can I design my own grid overlay?  How?

In the documentation it says:

3. Drawing tools
Many tools available in the Playback screen are also available in the Capture screen. They can be used to create reference frames and alignment guides for live analysis.

The drawings will appear on the videos and images you record through the capture screen recording function.

....but it does not seem to happen!


Re: Overlay

You are right, the documentation is obsolete on this point, the capture system was rewritten for performance reasons and this particular feature, in the way it was written, wasn't compatible with the changes.
I'm looking at supporting this again for the next version with a different approach to keep the recording performance intact.

You can design your own grid. There is no "designer" application though, it has to be created manually in an XML file.

Re: Overlay

That would be extremely helpful to be able to show and record the grid in capture mode.  Do you have an idea about when this would be released?

Also:  where would I be able to load my own designed grid/overlay?