Topic: Saving .kva File Not Working

Hi there,

I am VERY new to Kinovea and video editing so I apologize if this is a poor question. I have been using 0.9.1 to analyze some sprinting videos for athletes. However, when I try to save the video as a .kva file so I can open it later to keep editing I get an error "Unable to open the file: file not found or empty." I am saving it by seleting "Save only the analysis."

The file is only saving as 10-30kb in size with no image associated with it when it's in a folder. I thought it may be the file name I was using that included a date (i.e. "lastname_sprint_2020.06.02.kva") but I removed all dates and "_" and that didn't work either.

I'm sure I'm doing something incorrectly here. Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Saving .kva File Not Working

The .kva file only contains the annotation data (drawings, tracks, comments, etc.).
You can think of it as a sidecar for your original video, or an enriched subtitle file.
When you save it it doesn't modify the original video file.

If you save it with a similar name as the original video (say video.mp4 and video.kva) and they are in the same folder, it will be loaded automatically when you reopen the video. If you save it with a different name or in a different place, you can load it into the video using menu File > Load annotations…

Re: Saving .kva File Not Working

Oh that fixed it! Thank you. I had saved them in a separate folder to keep my original folder "clean" but see now how it works. Perfect analogy!