Quick question: Can the audio trigger also capture images? As far as I can figure it's video only...


It's only to capture video at this point.


I just wanted to say that Kinovea 0.9.3 is AMAZING!,  everything I ever wanted in a program that records my golf swing.  You and your team has done a great job on this. I just have a few bugs/issues that I am trying to figure out and fix.

Issues 1
I am running 2 OV2710 cameras,  and I am getting motion blur on them with the frame rate is set for 120 fps.  I don’t know if I am missing a setting to correct that or not.

Issues 2
When running the 2 cameras I can not get them to sync up, they are both being recorded at the same frame rate and all the settings are the same but camera 1 plays faster then camera 2.

Issues 3
I have to run 2 different versions of Kinovea to get them to record and play back the recording.  Once again, I didn’t know if there was a setting, I was missing on that or is that something that just has to happen. Not only that but it will not automatically run the last video from that folder, I have to select them each time and manually slow them down.

1.    is there a way to keep what ever you draw on the video to show all the way through the video?

Thanks again for all your hard work and thank you for all the help.


some infos may help:
Issues 1:
Blurring is related to the shutter speed, not the frame rate. Unfortunately, controlling the shutter speed may be difficult in USB2-cameras. Maybe, setting a fixed framerate AND shutter speed in the firmware may help. However, I haven't seen a program that may modify the firmware of the OV2710 cameras

Issues 2:
You may try even to use 4 instances of Kinovea if 2 cameras are in use. 1 instance for each camera, 1 instance for each replay. I found, that this helps in synchronizing multiple videos.

If 1 video plays "faster", mostly it is due to dropped frames during recording that may have several reasons:
1. if more than 1 camera is connected to the same USB-port, they may interfere (bandwidth too low)
2. one instance of recording Kinovea needs about 35% CPU-Load if an i5/9600k processor is used. Using a slower processor, two instances may increase the CPU-Load over 100%, if windows background-processes are running. Check the CPU-load in the task-manager to be in a "safe" area. I found interferences if the total CPU-load goes > 80% (Probably due to some background-processes, especially if windows internally writes to the SSD).
3. Try to use a different SSD to store the videos

Issue 3:
if 1 kinovea instance is used for each replay, looking on different (!) directories, it works pretty stable to me.


Hi Joan

My name is Jacopo. I found a tool on kinovea beta 0.9.1. It is called openpose__25. The problem is, I can't get it to work. I put the markers of the drawing on the planned joints but when I do the tracking the points spread out without following the segment. Some idea? Do you have any tutorials or guides?
I await a response

Best regards


This is essentially an internal tool that is only used in the context of importing OpenPose files. For a human model you will want to use one of the two Human model tools. Unless there is something particular from the other one that you wanted to use?

Usually the problem with tracking drawings is the size of the search windows is not appropriate for the video. One tip is to work with a normal trajectory first to find the best parameters and then input these in the preferences as default tracking parameters in Options > Preferences > Drawings > Tracking.


The idea was to take the linear kinematics of each segment and export the data and graph. There's a lot of useful research about sports movements.