I am having trouble adjusting settings for this camera.  When I connect it there is no option to increase the fps above the default 30fps.  Any suggestions?

Secondary question.  I often can't get the beta version to see any of my camera options.  I am having to use the 0.8.15 to take the video and then move it to the beta version to apply the bike fit tool.  Any thoughts?



Typically these action cameras don't have streaming capabilities of the full resolution/framerate. How are you connecting it to the PC? Generally the WiFi link can be used to start/stop recording and control some settings, sometimes to get a low-res preview, but not stream the full live video live. I'm actually surprised you can even get a 30 fps feed. Or are you going through the HDMI output?

Regarding the beta version, do you see the thumbnail of the camera in the camera panel? You need to switch to the camera tab first in the explorer on the left-hand side.