Hi, please excuse my non tech knowledge! Im using Kinovea for Cycling analysis and has been great. I recently upgraded to a Basler Dart High Speed camera. I can use it ok on Kinovea but when i record and play back the image is very jumpy ie it misses big chunks of the video.
Is there something im doing wrong with the settings?


Please add more details:
- Which version of Kinovea?
- What camera settings ? (stream format, image size, framerate)
- Which recording mode are you using?
- Are you saving compressed or not compressed?
- What is the storage medium SSD, HDD, is it the location as Windows system?
- What value do you see for "Load" in the infobar? Does it go over 100%, what about the drop counter?


Thanks for the quick reply, ill try my best to answer, as mentioned im a technophobe so not very good at this stuff!
- Version 0.8.27
- Framerate 100fps,1920 x1200,
-Recording mode. Not sure on this? Im recording the live footage by clicking on the red button at bottom.
-Not saving the video, just playing back what Kinoveo is recording
-Using Windows 10
-In live mode before recording its showing Drop 1321 i cant see a load option.
I know this may not what you are looking for but hope helps!
Thanks in advance


Try version 0.9.3 if possible, there is a new recording mode and more improvements.

When you press the red record button it records the video using the mode set in Preferences > Capture > Recording. This defines if delay is taken into account or not and whether the recording is done on the fly or not.

It decides to compress the video or not based on Preferences > Capture > General. Depending on the speed of the storage medium and the CPU one option might be better than the other. If you have an SSD with room to spare you can try recording without compression.

If the length of the recordings fit in the delay cache you can try the Retroactive recording mode. In this mode it stores the frames in memory until the the recording operation is over and then compress/save all at once, this avoids dropped frames.  You can change the size of this cache in Preferences > Capture > Memory.


Much appreciated Joan, makes sense, ill try this and let you know how it goes. Many many thanks for your understanding of a complete technophobe! Im good with people though ha ha!!


Some comment on Transfer-rate of USB. The maximum transfer speed of USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen1; USB 3.2 Gen1) is 625Mb/s (5GBit/s). This is the absolut maximum. If you use MP4, conversion to MP4 (Basler uses AVI) has to be done by the system. So dropping of frames often will occur. So use uncompressed Video to get the maximum out of your system. To my experience, also an i9/9900 is not fast enough to compress the video without dropping frames.

If you use the full resolution of your camera, you might be over the limit due to some overhead that is needed by the system. Selecting Mono will reduce the transferrate to 1/3 and may help.
Below some examples of the relation of resolution/fps and resulting transfer rate. To my experience it is save if you remain  significantly below 450-500 Mb/s

Width    Height    FPS    Mono Color
1024    1024    100    105    315
1024    1024    200    210    629
1024    1024    300    315    944
1920    1024    100    197    590
1920    1024    150    295    885
1440    1024    100    147    442
1440    1024    200    295    885