Topic: Dual Playback with 1 Control

I am looking to use Kinovea for golf swing analysis.  I have 2 120 fps Kayeton cameras and have gotten everything working in Kinovea.  The one feature that I am missing would being able to control both the down the line and the face on replays with the same slider bar so they stay in sync with each other.  Would this be something that could be incorporated in the future?  Thank you.

Re: Dual Playback with 1 Control

This should already work but maybe there is a problem? If you have set a delay the resulting file should have its time origin set automatically. You should see the little red marker corresponding to the time origin and the beginning of the video should have negative time codes.

The videos are synchronize based on their respective time origin, in this case the audio trigger or manual start of recording, so if you open both videos side by side and use the slider in the joint controls at the bottom it should move in both videos in a synchronized manner.

If you haven't set a delay or don't use audio trigger you should still be able to synchronize them manually by setting a time origin in each video and using the joint controls.

If parts of this don't work as expected please describe what you are doing in more details. How many instances of Kinovea are running, what runs where, etc.