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I'm using Kinovea for online coaching. I analyze, draw and then record my screen talking while displaying the video. Right now I use OBS Studio to record, but as Kinovea can record from cameras could it also have a function to record the screen+audio from a mic?

An example on how it looks here: https://youtu.be/g81sRJClgT


Or here as it failed to play on youtube https://vimeo.com/565171289/3724d171e6


I think that is a wonderful idea as well.


This can be done with any number of screen recording apps, as well as the built-in capabilities of Windows. I run Windows in a Parallels instance on my Mac and use the Parallels screen recording app, which works fine. Why not let the development team work on features that extend the capabilities of Kinovea instead of creating something already available?

I'd recommend ChalkTalk's Telestrator - an app that allows markup and screen recording.