A few weeks ago my older PC got fed-up with Microsoft's updates and passed away with the wheel spinning on my screen for many hours. Today I received my newish ACER PC...fired up in 1 minute, installed Kinovea and Pylon software. Unfortunately the new Pylon software is in a strange (new) format and I cannot find where I set the camera specifications to enable Kinovea to see my USB3 Basler 550fps camera...the other USB cameras (330fps and 120fps) are OK & appear on the screen..
I feel so stupid ~ as a former IT person for 40+years (mainly in the data backup/security space) you think I would keep notes on what and where I downloaded the software. Arrrrr...thanks in advance.Oscar Bevz, Tanilba Bay, NSW Australia obevz@pm.me


Hi Oscar, congratulation to the new PC smile

I've had the same issue when installing Windows 11 and Kinovea on a new setup.
First of all for Kinovea up to 0.9.5 you have to use the Pylon 6.0x - Version, NOT 6.1 and up.
So if you have installed higher than 6.0x deinstall this version first.
Download 6.0x from the Basler homepage. You have to actively seek them.

During installation select CUSTOM settings and active Pylon Runtime to install (on a submenu). By default, the installation program does not install the necessary runtime files.
Hope that will help.


One more point is to download the Basler Plugins from the Kinovea homepage and copy them to the appropriate subfolder:

there have to be two files:


thanks...will give this a go...(both messages)


alas...it did not work...
Reiner et al, would you be so kind as to go thru the steps, treating me like a 9yo? I have two drives, 1 x SSD (C) and a 1TB drive (D).  I was not 100% sure what the "appropriate subfolder" was. I deleted Pylon and replaced it with 6.01...then downloaded the Basler plugins into my D drive, then copy/pasted into my Kinovea file on the C drive. I selected Custom and the Pylon Runtime settings.
I recall having a similar issue on my older PC and it had something to do with the Camera driver in Windows...and I had to keep re-installing that driver. I will give it another go later today...stayed up for 2 hours last night scratching my head...arrrr...


I found my Basler camera is listed in Device Manager as *Basler USB3 xxx and not in the *Camera's list. Not sure if Kinovea can see the camera then? It can see both the USB2 devices. Maybe I try to remove the drive from the old PC and install it on the new one and see if the original files/folders are still there...but a dangerous territory for me... :-}


BTW is there anybody who can access my PC remotely (Team Viewer) and see what the heck is going on. I'm OK to pay for that service...btw


mini-update...I can see the Basler camera via Pylon Viewer...so the USB3 port must be working OK I guess...can do video and still shots. I just can't get Kinovea to see the same. Gotta be something simple?.


folks...all fixed...there was some user issues...FEBKAB...


Update...new-ish PC was awfully slow...so called in a PC repair man who identified the issue with my original system..motherboard one RAM board faulty...so the PC would not start...all good for now...(will look for a newer gaming PC).
I do have a general question tho...and I did scroll thru the help info...could not find.
Question: Is there a way of saving the camera delay settings? Each time I log in...I need to reset them. Not a big issue...just wondering if there was a save selection for that? Overall very happy...except that my dad was Ukrainian..


Yes the delay should be saved in the screen descriptor in the workspace. So with the capture screen open: Options > Workspace > Save as default workspace. Then when you re-open Kinovea it should re-create the capture screen, load the camera and set the delay.




Not so "easy" as I thought...i needed to upgrade from 0.9.2 to 0.9.5 and then everything fell apart..I also needed to drop Pylon down to 6.0xx...four hours later...I'm back to 0.9.2 and will not worry about setting 1.0 second and 2.5 seconds on the stop start of recording...at least I got to know how to switch back etc.
BTW...in today's low cost world of IT communications coupled with fairly fast internet etc...would it be possible/practical to not compress the smaller files? I'm really pleased I got my system back up and running...thanks again Joan/Reiner n team...


Hey...upgraded Kinovea to latest version1st March......and Workspace operational ~ great feature.


You can disable compression of captured videos under Preferences > Capture > General > Record uncompressed video. Note that the compression uses pretty aggressive bitrate settings so the image quality difference is not normally perceptible, but the files are 5 to 10 times smaller. Each image is compressed separately. On a side note it can be interesting to disable compression for performance reasons, because the bottleneck during recording is often the compression step.