Hi looking to use this camera with the software for a sport recording. The program recognises there is a USB camera there but I just get a black screen. All help appreciated as programming etc is definitely not my skill.


Can you go into the Configure camera dialog from and show what's in there?

Some possible causes:
- The camera is sending a stream format that Kinovea doesn't support. Try changing the stream format from the Configure dialog.
- The exposure duration is too low, everything is so dark it appears black. Increase exposure.
- The camera doesn't have enough electrical current available through the USB port.
- The camera doesn't have enough data bandwidth available through the USB port.

For the last two, especially if you are on a laptop, try changing USB ports or using a powered Hub. Especially if you have other devices connected on the same USB root (it's hard to know which ports go to the same root USB controller but try disconnecting other devices to see if it makes a difference). Also try a smaller resolution from the configuration dialog.


Hi Thanks for coming back and now got it working. I am trying to record long jump athletes as they take off from the board. It looks like i need to record at 260fps so now looking for a cheap option camera to do this, any ideas


I'm using Kinovea for the same purpose and it works wonderfully!
I'm not sure if you need 260fps since the FinishLynx use their IdentiLynx IP camera and it only outputs 30fps maximum!
Until this moment we use a standard external webcam but the computer must be near the jumping board.
Next weekend we will try with an IP camera and can back here to give my opinion on it.


I have used a Streamplify webcam. It gives me 7-9 pictures of the contact on the board...true 54fps at FHD and works right out of the box.