Saludos; tengo instalado el windows 11 en parallells para un Mac M.1 y kinovea no llega a abrirse. Entiendo que la ultima versión no es compatible con windows 11.
La pregunta es. ¿Hay previsión de adaptación de kinovea para windows 11?

Muchas gracias


Windows 11: No he probado personalmente pero debería funcionar. De que versión de Kinovea estamos hablando? La version 0.9.5 necesita el .NET Framework 4.8, lo cual debería ser instalado por defecto en Windows 11. Pero la versión 0.8.15 utiliza el .NET Framework 3.5 que no está instalado por defecto en las versiones recientes de Windows.

Quizá el problema es especifico a Parallels.

Edit: Ah ok, es porque es un procesador ARM.


I gave up that project. Got a nice M1 Mac on last christmas, installed Windows 11 for Arm -64bit from the MS-Developer side (including last version with X64-emulation) on Parallels 17.x and tried to install a bunch of different .NET frameworks but couldn't get Kinovea to run. I also found other simple video-programs did not fully support the Mac-Camera. Actually, the main problem seems to be any USB-driver that is not adapted to the ARM-processor.

Asking the camera manufacturer BASLER if there will be support of the their USB-driver in the near future. They told me, that they will not support ARM-processors and they do not even know other camera-manufacturers planning to support it.

You could also read in the internet (youtube-channels et al) that there is no guarantee that windows programs not specifically compiled for ARM-processors are running on windows at the present time.
I therefore gave back the M1 and switched to the last i9-MAC.
Too sad.


Hi Joan
Does this mean that Kinovea 0.9.5 (and 0.9.6 for that matter) won't run on a M1 Mac with Parallels 17 + Windows 11?