I run parallel desktops on my Mac to be able to use Kinovea and it seems parallel has updated to Windows 11 and I needed to re-download it for the new mac I got through work. On the downloads page it says that Kenovia will only run up to Windows 10. I was able to download Kenovia and the loading screen will appear but then it wont load. Is there anyway to get it to run on Windows 11? I was trying to find an old version of parallel desktop as well to try to downgrade but no shot.



Hi, it works out of the box on a Windows 11 PC with an Intel or AMD x64 processor.

I'm assuming you have a new Mac with an Apple M1 ARM processor so parallels will run Windows for ARM and then there is a second layer of emulation to run Windows x64 programs like Kinovea. I don't have a Mac computer and I can't test any of this. So far no one has been able to make it work as far as I know.