Thanks for this software.  It is awesome.  I recently started using it for golf analysis.  Is it possible to have two separate default workspaces.  I am using the software with two separate instances.  The first instance is the dual capture screen.  I have set everything up and saved it as my default workspace so that it opens up whenever I open the Kinovea program.  However, when I open up the second instance of the program for dual playback screen, I have to set the parameters each time. 

Is it possible to save the settings for both dual capture screen and dual playback screen?  Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give.


Yes, this should work out of the box. Each instance has its own preferences file. When you click on the menu Options > Workspace > Save as default workspace, it saves the workspace directly in that instance's preferences files. So if you do that on your second instance, it will save it for your second instance only. Each instance will now have its own startup workspace.

If you want to experiment and backup your original workspace, you can go to Help > Open log folder to open the directory where the preferences are saved. You should see a "Preferences.xml" which is the master one, and "Preferences.2.xml" for your second instance (or another name if you start the instance with the name flag). You can copy the "Preferences.xml" somewhere else to back it up and then experiment with saving default workspace in various instances.

Another way with more control is to save the workspaces in external files instead of directly in the preferences, by using the menu "Export workspace". In this case you can create shortcuts in Windows for each instance and have them use a specific name and workspace file. This way it it's more explicit and doesn't rely on the sequence of launch.


Thank you.  I was able to figure it out today.  This software is great.  Thanks for all your work.