I have imported a MP4 from my phone.  Playback using regular player is fine and  but within the Playback screen it is too small.  How do I make it go into the full screen ?

The Help says this   - but double clicking does nothing and there are no handles on the video to grab.
The image viewport is the main area where the video is played back.

Double clicking the image maximizes it in the viewport area. The handles at the four corners of the image can be used to change its size.


Hi, the bit you quoted in the documentation is about maximizing the image area within the viewport, this is mostly for smaller resolution. If the image is already filling the viewport area it won't change when you double click. The little corners should still be visible but will only let you reduce the size.

You can try to use menu View > Full screen. (Shortcut key: F11).


Could you let us know the resolution of the MP4? If you are on a Mac, Command + i in Finder will show you the Dimensions. On the PC, you should be able to right click and choose properties and see the dimensions there.

When you say regular player, are you talking about Microsoft Photos?

In Kinovea, there is an option to "zoom" into the video. Hold down Ctrl while scrolling the mouse wheel and pointing to the part of the video you want to zoom in on. It lets you magnify quite a substantial amount (600%). You can also hold down Ctrl and click on the NumPad + or - key.

But it sounds very odd that a modern phone would film a video that would have such, what sounds like, a low resolution.


Taken with Samsung S20  1980x1080   

Problem is that the working area is so small.
What resolution should I use when recording video on my phone?  I've tried 19:6, 1:1, Full.

How do I insert an image in this forum post ?  That will show the problem.


PeterM wrote:

How do I insert an image in this forum post ?  That will show the problem.

You need to host it elsewhere like on imgur.com and then use the URL in an img tag or just post the URL.