In short: I'm using Kinovea to analyze pre-existing videos.  When I save the videos, with annotations and stopwatches embedded, the saved videos are MUCH larger than the original.
The worst example is when a saved file size ends up being so large that Kinovea ends up creating a corrupted video and is unplayable with VLC (or other players).
How can we configure Kinovea to use different encode values?  We only need 720, 30fps w/medium to low quality.

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I have exactly same problem, I have some videos and Kinovea is great for annotating those. But when exporting the video, file size goes from the original 84MB to (without any annotations) whopping 1.5GB yikes That makes otherwise great program unusable sad

If I run that resulting video through NVENC H264, the file size is reduced to 30-40MB so WHY Kinovea seems to make uncompressed video? yikes

I could not find and video settings in Kinovea.