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Currently we can do tracking using arrow/line/marker, but there is no Tracking menu item for circle and rect in the right click context menu. what I want is to highlight some movements using customed circle and rect, similar to spotlight, but without darkening the background. is it possbile to do so?

Thanks for your great work.


It's currently not possible. I'll move this to Ideas & requests to keep track of it.


Thanks for your response.

Or maybe there is another way, as we already have spotlight tool which can do tracking and functions very well, if we can configure the background transparency of the spotlight scene, the same effect can be achieved.


What about the magnifier? You can also track it.


I tried, but still prefer spotlight to do trackings, and after several days of wokring with it, I alreay get used to the dark background transparency.


Hi there,
I would also be interested in tracking of a circle. I want to track the path of a ball to get its translational velocity. As the ball is rotating as well, to track the path of a single point on the ball's surface is not sufficient. With the circle tool I can "mark" the ball and get the coordinates of its center, however this seems to be possible only for a static image.
Any idea how to track such kind of motion?