I have been reading all the post, so far.
I would really appreciate if you could recommend me cameras for a general biomechanics purpose (teaching and researching). What should I buy? The cost could be medium ( 70-150 euros or so) as well as we are looking some with more resolution and speed recording..
THanks a lot in advance...


Hi Mikel,

to my experience there are 3 options available:

1. USB2-Camera OVC compatible, global shutter (!) cameras from  ELP, Kayeton and many others
They cost about 50-100 Euro/Dollar. Available in black/white or color.
The disadvantage is, that you cannot control all parameters. You may select fixed frame size / fps - combinations but shutter speed may not be modified.
2. Machine vision cameras having the IMX273 1/3“chip, available from Basler,IDS, Daheng, working with Kinovea.
All are global shutter cameras. 1,6 MP resolution, 227 fps. Available in black/white or color. The interface is USB 3.0 (or better)
These cameras can be controlled in about all parameters. Reducing the frame height, the framerate can be tuned to over 500fps. The shutter speed can be fully controlled to reduce blurring in high speed video recording. 
Due to the relative small chip size, also cheap S12-Lenses can be used at a price between 15-100 Euro, depending on the quality. The monochrome models have a higher light intensity and binning can be used (combining multiple pixels to one pixel), that reduces the amount of necessary light dramatically.
The cheapest if from Daheng, about 225 Euros/Dollars plus shipping + VAT, so all about 310 Euro
3. Machine vision cameras having the IMX174 1/1.2“ chip. These cameras are of higher quality and need less light. However, the cheapest one is from Daheng, still at a price of 450 + VAT + handling. Due to the 1/1.2“ chip, the price of the lenses are high, starting at about 350 Euro.

My recommendation would be the IMX273 monochrome (or color if you use colored orientation points). It’s a solid camera (MTBF >30000h), all parameters can be controlled and cheap lenses may be used. I could go up to 15mm lenses. If you go higher, they have to be selected carefully to assure a proper focussing of the lens.