I am trying to capture an entire golf swing from 6'6" away.  I have tried Logitech C922, Razer Kiyo Pro, and ELP varifocal 2.8mm-12mm and none of them are able to capture my full swing from 6 1/2 feet.  I am only 5'10".  Would like to spend less than $100 if possible and 60fps at 720p.

Can someone please suggest a decent camera that is fit for purpose.. thanks so much!



I think the ELP you have listed has a swappable lens with a standard mount right? You could use a wide angle lens or even fisheye lens on it.


There should be plenty of extremely cheap options on Aliexpress. I just got two 2.8-12mm IR cut M12 lenses for my Mono Kayeton cameras. They successfully filter out all the IR flashes from my GC Quad.