I'm trying to synchronise two videos of the same event.  I've got the videos synced using that feature.  When I then move one video independently, I can't then move the other video to match or otherwise jump to a specific frame or timecode in the video.  The manual says to press F9, but this activates superimpose mode for me instead.  Am I doing something wrong?



I'm assuming you are referring to this page in the manual, but I don't see the keyboard shortcut mentioned: https://www.kinovea.org/help/en/observa … rison.html

By default the shortcuts are bound like this:
- F8: moves the videos to the synchronization point.
- F9: toggles superposition on/off.

I'm thinking maybe you want the other video to "catch up" to the first one, without moving them back to the sync point?
Ah I see in the old manual that this action was bound to F9 so that must be it. There is no longer any shortcut for this at this point and F9 toggles superposition. I'll check why it was removed.


Thanks, yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to do. Didn't realise I was looking at an old manual, sorry. I'll look at the new one and try to find another way to do this.


If you use the Left/Right arrow keys it will re-synchronize the videos. This is based on the previous point where the common timeline was.