I would like to switch "quickly" between the values of the camera due to changing light conditions.

I am currently using the Daheng MER2-630.
I would like to change the following settings:

I noticed that Gamma is not adjustable within Kinovea. I am happy to the command line or 3rd party sw (can write this myself). Just I cannot find how to do this. At least the manual does not explain this.

Hope it is possible.

Thank you


If you can change the gamma in the Daheng software but not in Kinovea then there is a bug somewhere. Maybe the property has a unexpected name or something. I don't have access to the camera right now but I will look into this in a couple of weeks and the plugins need to be fixed for 2023.1.


Sounds great.

And what about creating a couple of presets for the camera settings. Is that possible in a certain way?


Hi Joan,

Just checking in if it possible to import camera settings. Dahengs Galaxy Viewer offers an export in .txt format.
Is there a possibility to load these easily with Kinovea? It's no problem to do some coding.


Sorry I can't test this right now and won't be able to until I'm back home in November. Right now it's not possible to do it via the interface by importing a text file like for the IDS module but it should be possible to implement that for a future version.

If you want to play with it manually, the parameters are stored in the preferences XML. There is a part that is generic for all camera types and a part that is specific to the camera vendor.

Look for this node: KinoveaPreferences/Capture/Cameras/Camera/Specific/Daheng/CameraProperties/ Then this should contain a list of CameraProperty with sub nodes Key and Value. I'm curious to see if it will work if you put your property here. It's supposed to load it but I've never tried it.


I tried adjusting the FPS to 2 in the preference.xml when Kinovea was closed. But re-opening gave the old 30 FPS.
Is there a certain way I should try this scenario?
I believe that running 2 instances will not fix the issue while the camera can be opened only in one instance.