Hi Joan,

I have instance 1, two capture screens/cameras, and instance 2, two playback screens.  I would like them both to open when I open Kinovea.  In other words, my "Workspace" is two instances of Kinovea.  I thought that, ONE TIME, when I opened Kinovea, they both opened, but I can't reproduce it (and maybe I just never really saw that happen).  I have "Saved as default" each workspace separately.  I'm not sure if I should only have done that on one screen, but maybe now that I have done it on both, it prevents them from working as a group/workspace.  Can you tell me if I can have a two-Kinovea instance workspace and, if so, how to set it up?  (Maybe I have to clear all defaults or uninstall/reinstall?)

Also, in my default/saved workspaces, I often (but not always) find that my camera settings are reset back to camera factory defaults when I open Kinovea.  Is it supposed to be that way or is there a trick I'm missing?



I think the simplest in this case would be to make a small .bat file containing the two commands for starting each instance. Then you can start everything by clicking this.


As you suggest, trying the command line approach, when I do this, the cmd screen hangs after line 1.  When I close the "Capture" Kinovea instance, then the command line continues and "Replay" is loaded. Here is my bat file content:

"C:\Program Files\Kinovea\Kinovea.exe" -name Capture -workspace "D:\Kinovea\Capture.xml"
"C:\Program Files\Kinovea\Kinovea.exe" -name Replay -workspace "D:\Kinovea\Playback.xml"

I also tried:
Call "C:\Program Files\Kinovea\Kinovea.exe" -name Capture -workspace "D:\Kinovea\Capture.xml"
Call "C:\Program Files\Kinovea\Kinovea.exe" -name Replay -workspace "D:\Kinovea\Playback.xml"

Any thoughts?


Call always waits till the called program is finished

try start instead, that should work:
start "C:\Program Files\Kinovea\..."
start "C:\Program Files\Kinovea\..."