Hey Guys,

I hope you can help me out on my problem... It seems pretty basic but I somehow haven't found a solution yet...

For a research project, I want to use two Gro Pros simultaneously sampling at 200 fps. This is absolutely doable for the Go Pros. However, when I want to record the video in Kinovea, Kinovea automatically sets the framerate down to 50 fps. And thats really the framerate, the recordings in Kinovea happen.

Did I miss anything in terms of settings? I have been playing around a bit with the settings under "recording" but without success...

Is it generally doable to record at 200 fps with two simultaneously running GoPros and if so, what settings do I have to adjust to make it work? Or do you think that the fact that the GoPros are connected to Kinovea via USB is the problem as only limited data can be transferred via USB and this is the reason why Kinovea does not allow more than 50 fps?

Hope you can help me.




Hey Domske,
how did you manage to connect 2 GoPros to the pc/get video out of them, i tried that, but only one works with the gopro USB Camera software and even that is very sketchy.
Reasons why its not working for you could be the sketchy go pro software, a bad cable or something totally different.
my logitech brio stream 4k works for instance with the original cable with 720p 90fps flawlessly, but with any extension or any other cable that is longer than the original cable, but should be 10gbit, it doesnt work.