I was wondering how I would go about adding a button to this toolbar? I have been playing with the source code for a couple of hours and have had no luck.

toolbar in kinovea ui


Just to be on the same page this screenshot is from a very old version.

To change the toolbar you don't need to change the source code. The toolbars for the player and the capture screen are defined in XML files that are in the program files directory (installation directory), under DrawingTools/Toolbars/player.xml an capture.xml.

In there you will see things like `<entry name="Line">` and `<subentry name="Polyline" />`. When Kinovea starts it will read this file and build the tool hierarchy from it by searching for tools by name. The `name` property corresponds to the Name field in a drawing XML file stored under DrawingTools/Standard or DrawingTools/Custom.


I was not aware that this was an older version of Kinovea. I did just redownload the most recent version of Kinovea, but it is looking the same.

Whenever I try to edit player.xml or capture.xml (in bin/x64/debug/DrawingTools/Toolbars), the contents just go back to what they were after I run the code. What am I doing wrong?


If you are running from source then the folders to change are under /Tools/DrawingTools. They are copied to the output directory during build.