I have two UI324XLE-C that I am trying to set up with Kinovea and they are both just showing black on the sceen.

Any help ?


I recently released an update to the IDS plugin, can you tell what version of Kinovea and plugin you are using, and also what version of the IDS software suite you have installed?


I am using 2023.1.1 Kinovea with IDS plug in 1.2.0.I believe I am running 4-90-12.0 Camera sowftwar


Hey! Any help on this topic?


Please try with IDS software suite 4.96 if possible.
Get the log.txt file (see menu Help > Open log folder) and see if there are any errors during the initialization of the plugin or the connection to the camera, or send it to me at joan at kinovea dot org.


Hey Joan! I sent you an email but i was wondering if you don’t have an old plugin for this version ?


I only build it for 4.94 and 4.96. Is there anything special with version 4.90?


Thanks. I can not seem to upgrade my cameras so I would even use a older version if possible to make it work.


Also to add, I've had these cameras working before so i'm not sure what has happened.