I am trying to connect a Basler daA3840-45uc.

I followed the guidance in a previous thread to use the custom install, though in Pylon 6.2 camera software suite there is no option for pylon C .NET Runtime. I installed the other options in this menu section and all of the USB sections. I have also placed the Basler plugin in the location outlined in the text file in the zip folder.

After installing the above, I confirmed that Pylon viewer can display a live feed from the camera.

I have installed Kinovea 0.9.4.

Despite the above, Kinovea cannot find the camera.

Can anyone advise if I am missing any key steps to be able to get the camera to connect?



I hope they didn't remove support for the .NET wrapper. Don't really have time to rewrite the Basler plugin from scratch at the moment. I see they removed the older SDK from the download area so it's not even possible to get 6.1.x without contacting them…


Hi Joan,

I suppose in the meantime I can record using pylon and view the saved in Kinovea, I will have to leave rest to you as it is well outside my skillset - sorry.



Was there ever any resolution to this? I have a Basler Dart camera I was trying to get setup and I am a bit of a noob here.




I actually use Pylon Version 6.0.1 with Kinovea 0.9.4 and it works perfect.
To my knowledge, version 6.0.1 is the highest version that will work with Kinovea (Joan may correct this information).

To get the drivers you may enter a web search:
pylon 6.0.1 english
and you may find the correct Basler web page. After entering your data (email etc.) you will have access to download all necessary drivers.


Yes unfortunately I haven't had time to fix this and update to newer Pylon versions.


Reiner not sure if you will see this but I could not find the Bassler 6.0.1 that you referenced. What i could find was 6.1.1, can you confirm that this is the one?
Thank you


Well i jumped in too early i didn't go back far enough, i did find it.
Reiner not sure if you can help but i was having issues be fore that might be resolved now.. but before things were too dark for a good image and the camera was not findable within Kinovea. Can i ask is your application for recording golf? if so what are some of your settings if i can ask even though they may not be applicable but it just might help. This doesn't come easy for me as I'm in my late 60's.
Thank you for any help you might provide.