Topic: Basler Dart Cam and Pylon 6.2


I am trying to connect a Basler daA3840-45uc.

I followed the guidance in a previous thread to use the custom install, though in Pylon 6.2 camera software suite there is no option for pylon C .NET Runtime. I installed the other options in this menu section and all of the USB sections. I have also placed the Basler plugin in the location outlined in the text file in the zip folder.

After installing the above, I confirmed that Pylon viewer can display a live feed from the camera.

I have installed Kinovea 0.9.4.

Despite the above, Kinovea cannot find the camera.

Can anyone advise if I am missing any key steps to be able to get the camera to connect?


Re: Basler Dart Cam and Pylon 6.2

I hope they didn't remove support for the .NET wrapper. Don't really have time to rewrite the Basler plugin from scratch at the moment. I see they removed the older SDK from the download area so it's not even possible to get 6.1.x without contacting them…

Re: Basler Dart Cam and Pylon 6.2

Hi Joan,

I suppose in the meantime I can record using pylon and view the saved in Kinovea, I will have to leave rest to you as it is well outside my skillset - sorry.