Hello everyone!

This is Kinovea 0.9.5.
Please report any issues as soon as possible.

This is a relatively small incremental release over 0.9.4 since the main effort was to update the reference manual which hadn't been updated since version 0.8.15.

The new manual is here: Kinovea manual - 0.9.5
This version also include a number of bug fixes, new logo, and the installer is now signed with my digital certificate.


Don't hesitate to post feedback, questions, feature requests and bug reports! You can do this either in this thread or create new dedicated threads.


Hi Joan,
My question is:
Is it possible to add metrics to the kinematic analysis chart? and add kinetics metrics in kinovea? If you could explain me how?
I am interested in finding the data I have through the various studies I have done. Only in kinovea some functions are not available.
If you want you can also write to me at my email address.

Thank you for your support


What type of metrics are you interested in in the kinematics plots?
At the moment there is no kinetics measurements as there is currently no way to assign weights to points.


Hi Joan,

sorry for my late reply.
However, the kinetics metrics I am interested in are the GRF (Ground reaction force) both x and y. Pulse, joint moment, Power.
everything is in x and y axis.
If I wanted to do such a thing I can send you information from a very reliable book.



Moved over to 0.9.5 and found a new issue in response to the image being flipped using the Daheng Monochrome cameras. I'm getting an execution error when using compression now. Also, I have the copied bug report for both 0.9.4 and 0.9.5. Would you like them posted here or can I send a text file? Unfortunately, it will not let me post two links as I have both 0.9.4 and 0.9.5 showing the same error. If you would like the 0.9.4 video link let me know.

0.9.5 Bug Video


Hi! nice improvement, congrats.
I advice that if i drag the file (video or .kva) it doesn't work as I used to do with older versions. It was simpler i think.
Now I must click on the open folder and set the video. For de .kva files that sometimes I save with different names depends on what I need to do (for a same video), the software says: "Impossible to charge the file: file doesn't found".

thanks in advance, regards.


Hi, I can't seem to run Kinovea 0.9.5
after installation, whenever I run the program, it launches, and closes as soon as it gets to the General Workspace. It has been this way since the 0.9.3 update and I can only run up to 0.9.2. Do you have any suggestions to why that is and how do I solve them?


Can you go to the log file and see if there are any errors? If you use the .zip version the log file is under the AppData sub directory.


Hi Joan, Here is a copy of the log in one instance of the software closing immediately:

103 - INFO  - [Main] - Software - --------------------------------------------------
114 - INFO  - [Main] - Software - 2021-12-07 15:12:24
117 - INFO  - [Main] - Software - Kinovea 0.9.5, x64.
117 - INFO  - [Main] - Software - Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
117 - INFO  - [Main] - Software - .NET Framework 4.0.30319.42000
117 - INFO  - [Main] - Software - --------------------------------------------------

edit from Joan: I removed some lines from the log to make the forum more readable.

981 - DEBUG - [Main] - CameraTypeManager - Start discovering cameras
1008 - DEBUG - [Main] - CameraManagerDirectShow - DirectShow device enumeration: HP TrueVision HD (moniker:@device:pnp:\\?\usb#vid_05c8&pid_038f&mi_00#6&122ff71b&0&0000#{65e8773d-8f56-11d0-a3b9-00a0c9223196}\global).
1008 - DEBUG - [Main] - CameraManagerDirectShow - DirectShow device enumeration: OBS-Camera (moniker:@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{27B05C2D-93DC-474A-A5DA-9BBA34CB2A9C}).
1008 - DEBUG - [Main] - CameraManagerDirectShow - DirectShow device enumeration: Reincubate Camo (moniker:@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{A8A87069-2FAE-4C55-9224-0F0AAE252D80}).
1037 - DEBUG - [HP TrueVision HD thumbnailer] - SnapshotRetriever - Starting HP TrueVision HD for thumbnail.
1055 - DEBUG - [OBS-Camera thumbnailer] - SnapshotRetriever - Starting OBS-Camera for thumbnail.
1071 - DEBUG - [Reincubate Camo thumbnailer] - SnapshotRetriever - Starting Reincubate Camo for thumbnail.
1086 - DEBUG - [Main] - ScreenManagerUserInterface - In ScreenManager OnLoad
1195 - DEBUG - [Main] - PreferencesManager - Exporting Preferences.xml
1337 - DEBUG - [Main] - FileBrowserUserInterface - Application is idle in FileBrowserUserInterface.
1403 - DEBUG - [Main] - CameraManagerDirectShow - Received thumbnail event for OBS-Camera. Cancelled: False.
1405 - DEBUG - [Main] - ThumbnailViewerCameras - UpdateThumbnailImage for OBS-Camera.
1455 - DEBUG - [7] - VideoReaderFFMpeg - pFormatCtx->streams[m_iVideoStream]->time_base.den: 60000, .num: 1
1457 - DEBUG - [7] - VideoReaderFFMpeg - Switching decoding mode. NotInitialized -> OnDemand
1485 - DEBUG - [7] - VideoReaderFFMpeg - Seeking to [37368131] completed. Final position:[37357320]
1495 - DEBUG - [7] - VideoReaderFFMpeg - Seeking to [74736262] completed. Final position:[74652578]
1504 - DEBUG - [7] - VideoReaderFFMpeg - Seeking to [112104393] completed. Final position:[112009898]
1513 - DEBUG - [7] - VideoReaderFFMpeg - Seeking to [149472524] completed. Final position:[149425276]
1514 - DEBUG - [7] - VideoReaderFFMpeg - Switching decoding mode. OnDemand -> NotInitialized
1748 - ERROR - [@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{A8A87069-2FAE-4C55-9224-0F0AAE252D80}] - SnapshotRetriever - Error received trying to get a thumbnail for Reincubate Camo
1748 - ERROR - [@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{A8A87069-2FAE-4C55-9224-0F0AAE252D80}] - SnapshotRetriever - Unable to cast object of type 'Camo.CamoFilter' to type 'AForge.Video.DirectShow.Internals.IBaseFilter'.
1760 - ERROR - [@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{A8A87069-2FAE-4C55-9224-0F0AAE252D80}] - Program - ----------------- Unhandled Crash -------------------------
1760 - ERROR - [@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{A8A87069-2FAE-4C55-9224-0F0AAE252D80}] - Program - Message: The object's type must be __ComObject or derived from __ComObject.
Parameter name: o
1760 - ERROR - [@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{A8A87069-2FAE-4C55-9224-0F0AAE252D80}] - Program - Source: mscorlib
1760 - ERROR - [@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{A8A87069-2FAE-4C55-9224-0F0AAE252D80}] - Program - Target site: Int32 ReleaseComObject(System.Object)
1760 - ERROR - [@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{A8A87069-2FAE-4C55-9224-0F0AAE252D80}] - Program - InnerException:
1760 - ERROR - [@device:sw:{860BB310-5D01-11D0-BD3B-00A0C911CE86}\{A8A87069-2FAE-4C55-9224-0F0AAE252D80}] - Program - Stack:    at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ReleaseComObject(Object o)
   at AForge.Video.DirectShow.VideoCaptureDevice.WorkerThread(Boolean runGraph)
   at AForge.Video.DirectShow.VideoCaptureDevice.WorkerThread()
   at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.RunInternal(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
   at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state, Boolean preserveSyncCtx)
   at System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
   at System.Threading.ThreadHelper.ThreadStart()
2196 - DEBUG - [Main] - CameraManagerDirectShow - Received thumbnail event for HP TrueVision HD. Cancelled: False.
2196 - DEBUG - [Main] - ThumbnailViewerCameras - UpdateThumbnailImage for HP TrueVision HD.


Looks to be related to Reincubate Camo, I see this is a webcam application to stream mobile phones, I'll install and try to see what's going on.


Just to say that I reproduce the crash. It's rather low level and I don't have an easy fix for now but I am investigating. Unfortunately it crashes even when the Reincubate Camo application is not launched, since it's the virtual camera driver that is causing the issue in Kinovea. Kinovea tries to contact the camera in the background to prepare the thumbnail, it fails to open it, and upon cleaning the resources there is a low level crash.



I have a very simple question.  Using past versions of Kinovea, I was able to see the points I tracked throughout many frames.  THat way I was able to manually correct the trajectory when needed.  With this new version (0.9.5), I cannot figure out how to see the tracked points other than on the frame that it's being tracked.  I would like to see the "trace" of many points prior the the current frame.  Is that possible?  Perhaps it's a simple task but I cannot figure it out. Using past versions, I right clicked on the point and I was able do it using the appropriate commands.

Best wishes


Hi, yes it's still possible. Instead of creating the point and right clicking it, you can directly right click on the video image itself and do "Track path" menu. This will create a trajectory object with the path as before.

Explanation: in the older version the individual objects like points, lines, angles, etc. were not trackable themselves so when you right clicked on the point it had a special function to create the trajectory object for you and hide the point. I intend to have an option to show the path of the points of trackable objects in the future.


Hi everyone

I have a question about the coordinate system.

What is the proper place to put the point of origin?

Is it at the player's center of gravity or at the end of the back foot?