Topic: Kinovea 0.9.5

Hello everyone!

This is Kinovea 0.9.5.
Please report any issues as soon as possible.

This is a relatively small incremental release over 0.9.4 since the main effort was to update the reference manual which hadn't been updated since version 0.8.15.

The new manual is here: Kinovea manual - 0.9.5
This version also include a number of bug fixes, new logo, and the installer is now signed with my digital certificate.


Don't hesitate to post feedback, questions, feature requests and bug reports! You can do this either in this thread or create new dedicated threads.

Re: Kinovea 0.9.5

Hi Joan,
My question is:
Is it possible to add metrics to the kinematic analysis chart? and add kinetics metrics in kinovea? If you could explain me how?
I am interested in finding the data I have through the various studies I have done. Only in kinovea some functions are not available.
If you want you can also write to me at my email address.

Thank you for your support

Re: Kinovea 0.9.5

What type of metrics are you interested in in the kinematics plots?
At the moment there is no kinetics measurements as there is currently no way to assign weights to points.