I am sorry about maybe dumb questions. Can I keep track sportsman motion(point or frame) in real-time or only in finished video? Where can I know how to use OpenPose with Kinovea?


There is some discussion about OpenPose here: https://www.kinovea.org/en/forum/search … =403162028

I looked into this and spent an afternoon experimenting with it, but was disheartened to see that one can't modify the thickness of the lines produced by OP. They were simply too bulky looking for my requirements.

I believe the answer to your question is finished video. The processing requirements would be very heavy for real time.


You can change the width of the lines, you need to edit the tool file though. I admit it's a bit thick.
Go to the program files and find \DrawingTools\Custom\openpose_body25.xml
In the section <Segments>...</Segments> find & replace width="4" by width="1" or something.

Unfortunately I can't really integrate OpenPose directly into Kinovea as it's only available for "academic or non-profit organization noncommercial research use" (per their license), which is incompatilbe with open source software.

And last time I looked the other projects doing posture estimation were also restricted to research purpose only for some reason.

Some more info about OpenPose in the documentation: https://www.kinovea.org/help/en/annotat … _data.html

Yes tracking is only done on the final video.